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multi_task's Journal

Multi Fandom Icontest
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multi fandom icontest
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Welcome to Multi_Task, the weekly multifandom icon contest for all who dare make icons of theonlysong and lizetm's favorite things.

There are three categories: BOOKS, TV, and MOVIES. Each week there will be ONE theme with different fandoms for the three categories.

For the BOOKS theme we will be using both art (fanart, chapter art, movie-adaptation artwork, etc.) and movie screencaps. For the TV and MOVIE themes we will also use screencaps.

We have also decided to include Comic Books in the BOOKS category. :)

.5 Challenges

After every 5 challenges we have, we will have a .5 Challenge. These challenges will be FREE-FOR-ALL, which means that you can choose whichever type of Book, TV, or Movie fandom to make your icons about.

You can submit up to FIVE icons for this challenge. Please keep them PG-13, no nudity please. :)

*Anything goes for these challenges, except animation. Blending, type of pic, type of fandom, all allowed.


- You may enter up to three icons, unless otherwise specified. That means one, and ONLY one for each category. {One for Books, one for TV, one for Movies}
- You can only use the caps provided, unless otherwise specified.
- No animation
- No blending, unless its from the same picture.
- All entries must be NEW and should not be posted elsewhere (should remain anonymous) until the winners have been announced.
- Host your icons on Photobucket or Imageshack. NOT on your userpics page.
- Post your icons to the challenge post.
- Ask questions. We are nice people who like to help as much as we can.


- Do not vote for yourself.
- Do not ask others to vote for your icons specifically. (Telling them to vote for the challenge is okay, just don't tell them which are yours, please)
- Please do not vote based on the fandom of the icon! Quality of an icon ALWAYS comes before your favorite character or fandom.


*Each of us will pick our favorites, so TWO mod choice winners each week, unless otherwise specified.*

Posting Schedule

Monday: New Challenge
Wednesday: Reminder
Friday: Icons due by midnight PST
Saturday: Voting
Monday: Results + New Challenge

*There WILL be extensions. It all the depends on certain circumstances. Like 'real' life situations that must be attended, or lack of icons submitted.*


Remember to have FUN with it! :D

Don't get mad if you don't win. Winning isn't everything. Keep practicing, you're bound to get better with time.


There is NO advertising on this site! If you want us to pimp your community, just comment on the affiliates post (link below) and we'll add you! We could also name you on one of your challenges posts if you want. Bottom line: NO AD POSTS ON THIS COMMUNITY!!!


Spread the word! Copy these on your profiles and/or LJ entries:

New multifandom icontest!!!



Join NOW!!!

New multifandom icontest!!!



Join NOW!!!

New multifandom icontest!!!



Join NOW!!!

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